Vintage Blue and White 50's dress

Vintage: how to wear?

A full vintage look can sometimes be hard to pull off in day to day life. In a world where social pressures and socially accepted norms dictate how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings it is sometimes refreshing to break away from the norm and explore vintage looks and styles.Blue and White 50's dress

Only recently my vintage wardrobe has taken its first proper outing into the modern world, and while vintage has made up a majority of my wardrobe for years, it was a liberating experience. Amazed as I was by the positive reception to my change in attire, there are a few things I would do a little differently. So here are my tips for your first foray into everyday vintage.

Start small and build up to the entire vintage outfit, including hat and gloves. People often struggle with change, so introduce them to it slowly. Pair a vintage handbag with a high street outfit. A good leather or crocodile vintage bag looks great with a day outfit, while a beaded bag or small box bag works well for the evening. Don’t be afraid to mix eras and styles.

Jewellery is also a great way to start small and add a vintage vibe to an outfit. Wear iconic jewellery styles, yes I do mean plastic in the form of Bakelite or Lucite, or very iconic art deco shapes just to present the merest hint off retro without making heads turn. It is possible to add these little touches so you don’t lose yourself to the modern world without standing out.  Let accessories speak for you.

Once you feel more comfortable, it may well be time to move on to vintage clothing. A dress, or skirt and top combination always work well. It is often a good idea to avoid anything that could have a “fancy dress” look about it. A great example is a poodle skirt, yes we do all think of Grease when we see a poodle skirt.  But go for something you are comfortable wearing, a really good rule of thumb is to take a long look in the mirror once you are dressed in your outfit of choice and if any item doesn’t feel right, change it. At the end of the day you have to feel confident and comfortable, you will always be your best critic.

Most people find that being dressed in vintage clothing does not draw too much attention, however when it is paired with vintage style hair and makeup they get considerably more attention. If you are looking to venture into a vintage dress, but are unsure about the attention you may receive, consider keeping your hair and makeup as you would wear it on a day to day basis.

However you choose to dress, so long as you are comfortable, enjoy yourself. A vintage look will often get an odd glance or even the occasional photo, and always plenty of compliments. In a day and age where clothing is either rather revealing or very  casual, a little bit of vintage style goes a very long way.