S/S17 Fashion Trends that are Vintage Inspired


With spring around the corner we are looking to the newest S/S17 fashion trends and how our vintage collection can be styled to reflect these.

What we are looking for in the S/S17 fashion trends are things that light, bright and fun to wear. So what have the designers been showing us??

S/S17 Fashion Trend inpired 1980's Pink and Black Dress with Shoulder Pads

S/S17 Fashion Trend inpired 1980’s Pink and Black Dress with Shoulder Pads

1980’s Inspiration

One of the biggest trends, especially where vintage is concerned is the resurgence of 1980’s fashion trends. Yes that means power shoulders, ruffles and waist cinching belts. For those of you au fait with 1980’s films Vogue have dubbed the trend for pink “Pretty in Pink“. It seems that the 80’s trend is going to stay for the next season at least. See our collection of 1980’s fashions.

Pj’s as outwear?

Another trend is the use of Pyjama styles worn as outwear. The guys at Vogue managed to get this image of Christopher Bailey’s line from Burberry that shows PJ top teamed with a sheer lace skirt, 1970’s style ruffled neck and the obligatory waist cinching belt. What we find really interesting about this style is the sheer lace skirt, which simply screams 1930’s Hollywood Glamour to me, has been layered to create a fun and relaxed outfit.

Sheer and sexy!
Courtesy of Vogue: Christopher Bailey layers lace skirt with 1970's style ruffled neck shirt for S/S17

Courtesy of Vogue: Christopher Bailey layers lace skirt with 1970’s style ruffled neck shirt for S/S17

This sheer lace skirt was not unusual this season, with many designers using a sheer top or sandwich layer to their outfits. While not only being fun this style of laying adds texture. Such a simple technique also offers you a chance to play with what you do and don’t reveal. In the terms of vintage clothing, sheer is something that is quite easily found, either in the form of vintage nightwear or evening dresses. There are blouses from the 1940’s and 50’s that are also completely sheer and beautiful. Why not layer with vintage!

Cinching is key…

A majority of the catwalk styles involve waist cinching belts. For the high waisted jeans wearers out there, you will have already worked out the benefit of a belt at the waist to really accentuate your figure. While on the catwalk it was worn over layered dresses, sheer top layers and even over coats. This is one fashion accessory that can make an outfit. A good rule of thumb is the smaller the waist the wider the belt can be proportionally.

However you choose to dress using S/S 17 fashion trends, do it in a way that suits you! Enjoy your wardrobe, there is nothing like the delight of dress up to make an outfit special.