Vintage 1950’s Crocodile Handbag


  • Crocodile Skin
  • Vintage 1950’s
  • Good Condition

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Vintage 1950’s Crocodile handbag perfect for the mid-century look.

This vintage 1950’s crocodile handbag is a brown with a red hue. The clasp and metal detail on the frame are gold coloured and contrast nicely with the brown. The front of the bag is pleated to provide extra texture to additional texture of the skin. By contrast the back is lightly gathered from the frame down. The inside of the bag is made from a soft leather. There are three internal side pockets.

Condition: good, there is a small amount of wear between some of the scales, but no tears in the hide, the bottom corners are slightly worn. The catch has a little discolouration with use, the top of the frame catches the handle when opening making it stiff. This bag is in a very usable state.

Height: 8″
Width: 9 3/4″
Depth: 2″
Handle Height: 7 1/2″

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