Guide to Surviving Vintage Weekenders

At Just Vintage Clothing Co. we simply love the vintage weekenders. We say weekenders but often long weekend/week is a more apt description.

We are all super excited about the 20th anniversary of Rhythm Riot and have been packing for some time. But for those of you who are new to these vintage weekenders expect to have an amazing time.

After attending these events, as individuals and as a trade entity, there are a few tips and tricks to make these vintage weekenders both memorable and stress free. The best events are the ones where you have done all the hard work in advance and once you get there you are ready to relax, party, shop and just enjoy yourself. Our top five tips prior to the event.

  1. Make food easy. ┬áPrepare meals in advance that you just have to heat up or find foods that are quick and easy to prepare. Simply when there is a whole host of entertainment you won’t want to be cooking. Often at these events cooking arrangements can be very┬ábasic. Especially if camping.
  2. Plan your wardrobe well in advance. We all know that there is a dress for every eventuality, but taking the whole wardrobe is excessive. As vintage lovers we have made this mistake. Also it gives you time to do any little mends that are required and steam/iron your clothes.
  3. While it is tempting to only take your glad rags, these events often take place outside or in cold conditions, don’t forget practical clothing as well. Jeans, jumpers and coats, even if they are vintage will be very much needed. The same rule applies for shoes, your lovely Lucite heels will not keep you warm. Pack slippers as well.
  4. Expect to get tired and plan well for it. We vary in our choice of remedy from coffee or red bull to an afternoon nap. The upside is the adrenaline will kick in of a evening so you can party ’till dawn.
  5. Prepare for vintage clothing mishaps. We have been there, dancing and the armpit goes, or skirt splits. It is unfortunate and in some cases really upsetting but take the sewing basics and safety pins. Small fixes can be done quickly and easily if need be.

Once there it is simply a matter of looking out your friends, working out what you want to see and do over the period and simply enjoying it!