Vintage brooch

Brooch is Back! How to wear a brooch?

Pin It. The brooch is back!

Jewellery is a good way to add a little interest to your outfit. It is now time to look out your brooch collection and get accessorizing. While over the last 20 years the brooch has been associated with your grandma times are changing yet again and the brooch is back. We are loving this latest trend.

Vintage brooch

So versatile, our customers love to use the brooch to accessories any element of their clothing, and even to wear them in their hair. While it is about taking something so very high street and adding your personality to style it. Much like vintage clothing, wearing a brooch is about being different and letting your taste shine through.

How to wear your brooch?

Our favourite places to wear a brooch are numerous and we love the way a different pin can consequently change the look of an outfit.

  • Pin it to a bag to add a little glamour
  • Festival it up with florals pinned to hair ties
  • Make it conservative with the lapel pin
  • Victoriana at its’ best with a brooch at the throat of a blouse
  • Colour bomb by using a selection of colourful pins in one place

Whatever you choose to do with your brooch, enjoy it and express yourself. The easiest way to pick a brooch to suit you is to consider your style. If you are a floral lover, pick a floral pin, if you love glitz then grab a pin that reflects this.

Czech Rhinestone BroochOver the years brooches have been made from many materials, so there will be something to suit every taste. We simply love the Lucite brooches and novelty pins of the 1950’s. Lucite is a very versatile material that is often reverse carved with coloured flowers and offers a very understated appearance. If you are inclined towards something more sparkly, Czech Rhinestones from the 1930’s and 1940’s are as sparkly as you can get short of real diamonds.
However it is also not uncommon to find brooches of resin, wood, plastic, and varying metals, so choose the style that suits you best.

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