Bath Fashion Museum: Vintage Lovers Visit

A must see for any vintage or fashion lover visiting the west is Bath Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms. This well-known gem, provides a step by step look at fashion from the 17th Century forward.

When we consider some of these items have been around since the 1600’s it is unbelievable that some of these garments have survived, and in amazing condition! Being the vintage fans that we are there was a level of wardrobe envy, naturally, at the Bath Fashion Museum. Admittedly for the post 1900 garments, but it was impossible to not admire the craftsmanship and detail of the earlier items.


As you pass through the exhibition, you can see clearly the changing female figure over the decades, from the empire line of the regency period, the s-bend of the 1910’s and the huge crinolines of the 1800’s. Taking with us a person whose interest in fashion remains strongly in the 21st Century, it was the colossal crinolines that stunned and amazed.


The Bath Fashion Museum is a wealth of information, the free tour at 12pm and 4pm, included in the price of the ticket are well worth holding out for as the guides are very knowledgeable and while they talk through the garments they are able to provide a little extra context and information, giving the detail that is not on the labels.


What we really loved about Bath Fashion Museum, is towards the end of the exhibition, they had a display that explained that clothing from each era is typically mixed with items from previous periods. So a 1940’s suit, with 1930’s accessories. As vintage lovers, this is something we forget. We get so caught up in the “period” that we don’t realise that unlike today fashion of the past was not disposable. Everything bought was meant to last, and lasted it did.


The Bath Fashion Museum is a lovely way to spend a few hours if you are visiting bath or the surrounding areas. For £21 you can get a saver ticket that is usable for up to 14 days that provides entry to the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum and Art Gallery. 

Bath Fashion Museum